Combo Set (Ra Jo Yuk 라조육 + Chinese Dish)

Combo Set (Ra Jo Yuk 라조육 + Chinese Dish)



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Ra Jo Yuk 라조육 辣子牛肉: Crispy fried beef with spicy pepper sauce


Chinese Dish Option Menu:

– Jja Jang Myun 짜장면 炸酱面: Noodles with brown bean sauce

– Seafood Jjamppong 해물짬뽕 海鲜辣汤面: Spicy seafood noodle soup

– Seafood Udon 해물우동 海鲜乌冬面: Seafood udon noodle soup

– Veggie Fried Rice 야채볶음밥 蔬菜炒飯: Fried rice with veggie

– Chicken Lo Mein 치킨로멘 鸡肉捞面: Stir-fried Lo Mein noodles with chicken

– Veggie Lo Mein 야채로멘 蔬菜捞面: Stir-fried Lo Mein noodles with veggie

– Beef Lo Mein 소고기로멘 牛肉捞面: Stir-fried Lo Mein noodles beef

– Shrimp Lo Mein 새우로멘 虾仁捞面: Stir-fried Lo Mein noodles shrimp



Jja Jang Myun, Seafood Jjamppong, Seafood Udon, Veggie Fried Rice, Chicken Lo Mein, Veggie Lo Mein, Beef Lo Mein, Shrimp Lo Mein

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